More about Questmoney

Trevor Money of Questmoney  has, for over 30 years, provided reliable commercial and technical services to his clients. His clients including , public and private companies to Start-ups and Sole Traders.

Trevor's  professional advice has allowed his clients to benefit from many years of board level, commercial, technical and operations experience, which has been the bed-rock of his own companies successes. Proven, tried and tested advice that allows our clients to move forward in the knowledge that the advice is based on sound knowledge and not fruitless hope or worse, luck.

Trevor can take you though the corridors of knowledge and experience, choosing the best routes to suit you business situation.

If you have an idea that you believe is commercially viable, he can advise in the first place, the best approach to get started and then the best ways to protect your intellectual property. He can advise on the routes to raise funds beyond borrowing from banks. He can advise and negotiate on your behalf to attain a fair and reasonable level of equity exchange for funds.

If you are an existing business Trevor can advise on the expansion, change management, team building, manufacturing, design and commercial aspects of your business requirements and associated needs.

Trevor, under the banner of  Questmoney often manages businesses through difficult scenarios where current management are blinded by the pressures driving the needs.

Above all, he is straight forward and does not require a deposit or fee to provide advice. Only at a time when you can see his recommendations will stand a high chance of succeeding will you need to consider the cost of his services. By this point you can assess the value of the advice.

Of course, no commercial advice to support a business in need is guaranteed to provide a solution. However, you can make a decision to take the advice based on previous successes achieved by others that have applied the same techniques and solutions.

Applying business management techniques that are tried and tested to create a reliable business structure to support your staff in their work is a solid foundation to build sustainable profit, avoid waste and provide security for the future.

Let Trevor Money - Questmoney work with your team to make the future a fruitful one for your company.
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