Frequently Asked Questions
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Why do I need to Register for Questmoney Admin?
Registration provides access to a secure communication portal to simplify working with us and access our services on your Questmoney Project..
However, please note:-
Firstly, you don't have to register until you are ready to. You can contact us without registering to arrange a meeting online or email diuscussion to discuss your needs.
Secondly, Registering initially provides Questmoney with essntial outline information about your business that allows us to review it without asking unecessary questions.
Thirdly, Why not,? It's free untill you ask for services that are fee bearing. Not all service are fee bearing and importantly, you do not incurr fees without being made aware of it in writing.
How exactly does Questmoney work?
We listen to you and ask questions. We know pretty soon if we can offer the help you need. If we can help, then we look at a plan that suits you based on our advice.

If you elect to move forward with Questmoney, then we implement the plan together.
When and how does Questmoney get paid?
When Questmoney receives payment depends on the arrangement we reach with you to provide assistance.

Our service is not payment driven. It is a reward for achievement.

There are to many payment scenarios and mechanisms to write about them all here. However, the most important aspect to remember is that payment is made in line with your ability to pay. Therefore you will not be getting deeper into debt. We do not compound your financial issues or burden you with more problems.
What are your fees based on?
Our fees are based on achievement and are sometimes affected by the time spent and what we spend that time doing.

We do not tally up hours and submit an invoice loaded with expenses or a team of invisible helpers at astronomical rates.
Why does Questmoney assist businesses potentially without payment?
Let us be clear. Questmoney do not set out to work for free. Neither do we set out to strip a business of funds at a time when the funds are most needed.

At some point many businesses find themselves in a situation that is not desirable. We ourselves have been in situations that we now support others in. It is extremely stressful to be in these situations and there often seems no solution. There usually are solutions if you get the right help at the right time.

We know if we were helped, we would want to reward our helper when we were in position to do so. It is not about not getting paid, it is about when!
How many people are there in Questmoney's team?
How big do you need it to be? In most case it is one person that provides the advice and a way ahead. The “team” only comes into play to implement the plan. So, on the day you contact Questmoney, it is one person. On subsequent days, when working on the solution it is as many as it needs to be.

We use as many of our clients own team as practicably possible - no point in paying for something you have already got. It is about the right team and that team has to be the one that stays with you not one that walks when the going is good. Its all about team building, coaching and training to make any plan happen.
Can we contact you any time?
Yes of course. We do like to sleep occasionally but that aside, we're there for you even after you’re back up and running.

During implementing your plan our support is there as much as you need it - we want the plan to work as well.
Do Questmoney offer a Non Executive Director Service?
Yes we do, if you need it to strengthen your board of directors. That is usually something that may be considered after we have implemented the plan. Alternatively, we can remain in a function of advisors to the board.
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