A Review of Projects and Services

What we have achieved for others.

Projects & Services

Over the years there have been many successes, both within our own businesses and within businesses owned by others that Questmoney have supported in one way or another. In most cases, the support provided by Questmoney has been through Trevor Money, where as a Director or Senior Manager he performed his duties either through a consultancy package or in the capacity of a Non Executive Director, Director or General Manager.

Questmoney has structured our projects into logical groups, Contract Management, Technical Consulting,  Marketing & Sales, Management & Board, Funding and Company Formation.

Within the Cards below we further expand  these logical groups to outline the provisions of each Group. From each card you can link to a more detailed description of the group.by clicking on the "Read More" in each Card.

Contract Management
Contract Management and Design Consultant.
Complete commercial managment of complex, multi-million pound projects including delivery to the client.

Technical Consulting
Design and Manufacturing Management
Providing process, mechanical, electrical and design control with full project managment.

Marketing & Sales
Products &Services - Representation & Sales
Product sourcing & identification, market introduction, sales development of complete product ranges.

Management & Board
General Management & Non Exec Directors
Providing long-term and short-term General Managent to steer business back on track or through management and Process change.

Seeking Sources - Delivery Funds
Source funds, preparing Company prospectus, managing funding cycle and delivering funds to new or restructured businesses.

Company Formation
Creating & Structuring Businesses
Creating SME and PLC businesses, developing sales and market share to multi-million pound, profitable trading concerns.

Questmoney   contactus@questmoney.co.uk
Questmoney   contactus@questmoney.co.uk
Questmoney    contactus@questmoney.co.uk
Questmoney   contactus@questmoney.co.uk
Questmoney   contactus@questmoney.co.uk
Questmoney   contactus@questmoney.co.uk