Analyse Your Business


It is difficult to recognise hidden problems within a business and even more difficult to continually analyse the performance of individual departments and/or personnel from a "Hidden" problems perspective".

What do we mean by "Hidden" problem?
Well, these are not the kind of problems that necessarily manifiest themselves straight away as low sales or inefficient processes. Although, these can be the ultimate results, hidden problems are more the destructive kind and if they exist they will not only lead to practical losses in sales but funds as well and possibly even the business itself. The kind of problems that are difficult to identify without knowing what to look for. These are not necessarily to do with processes or product/service quality.

We would not presume to tell you how to ascertain if your business is performing, whether it's in trouble or to suggest you may not be understanding what is happening before you. However, one thing for sure is if any business is struggling with a time consuming management issue, then it is possible that some of the underlying issues may be missed or misinterpreted.

As any reasonable Proprietor or Director will know, leadership is key and always provided from the top. Therefore, if there is a demanding issue in progress, it is possible that  the "management" will be distracted from day to day mission control. In that case, lower management echelons' may well be missing those all-important day to day management meetings, that quick conversation with the boss in a corridor or simply missing bouncing ideas off ones  leader while he or she deals with the problem.

The other often overlooked scenario is when the pressure gets high enough and there is a distraction stopping the leader from leading. Then, even the leaders own day to day management processes may be put  to one side or temporarily overlooked while attempting to steer the business back on track.

We can say from evaluating the above that we put a huge level of trust in our colleagues whether they are our leaders or our employees and if that trust fails or is betrayed it can be a serious thing indeed. Our Leaders can stop leading and our workers stop working.

What ever level you are in your business, you may find it helpful to scan over the relevant section below. Often the slightest glow can turn into floodlights with a little glimmer of help. (Excuse the pun!)

Management Indisposed?
Distracted or Entrenched
So distracted you're not attending to fundamentals

Staff Attitude/Behaviour?
Staff Management Slipping
Day to day functions and processes missed or wrong