Analyse Your Staff

Take a look at the questions below - if you answer is questionable to any, you may need to realign your management techniques to get back on track. Most of the issues highlighted below are fundamental to a business running smoothly and efficiently.

Staff Attitude/Behaviour?
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Are staff keeping you informed?
Are your staff reporting back to you you when you expect it?

Are you chasing your staff for anwsers to questions or reports on client visits?

Do you get straight well contructed answers to your questoins or are you receiving conveluted and/or difficult to follow answers?
Are your staff puctual?
Do your staff turn up for work on time?

Are your staff maintaining acceptble time managment on their breaks?

Do staff spend a lot of time chatting?

Do your staff disappear for unscheduled meetings?
Are communications timely?
Do telephones ring for long periods?

Do staff deal with client queries in a responcible manner?

Is it difficult to locate staff?
Is staff general demeanor acceptable?
Are staff engaged ib aparently elicit conversations?

Are your staff looking you straight in the eye when you pass them in the corridoor?

Are staff dressing in accordance with your standards?

Are staff conducting their behaviour appropriately?
Is security difficult to maintain?
Do you feel staff may be casual with company data?

Is it difficult to retain your staff loyalty without issue?

Do your staff pass information that is entrusted to them to others that should not receive it, with apparent ease?
If your answer to any of these questions is not what you would hope, this indicates there is an issue that needs attending to with urgency. Depending on how many the answer is questionable, indicates the severity of any underlying issue. You should as a minimum consult with your team(s) to start to find a remedy.

In any event it is time to consider looking at how your business is managed.

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